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One popular story says that centuries ago when Spaniards first arrived, they encountered some native islanders farming whom they asked about the island's name. The natives thought they were asking them what they were putting their baskets. They replied, "Camotes." Thereafter the islands were called the "Camotes Islands."

Camotes Island is composed of 4 municipalities namely, Poro, Tudela, San Francisco and Pilar.

There are regular fast ferry trips from Cebu city to Poro, Camotes twice daily as well as local pump boats across to Danao. There is also light aircraft capable airfield at San Francisco for receiving charter flight from Cebu, and elsewhere. Camotes islands are part of Danao city, province of Cebu.

BOAT SCHEDULE from Cebu to Camotes Island:
5:30 AMDanao PortPoro, CamotesAve Maria Pumpboat
5:30 AMDanao PortConsuelo, CamotesJomalia Shipping
6:30 AMDanao PortConsuelo, CamotesSuper Shuttle Ferry
8:30 AMDanao PortConsuelo, CamotesJomalia Shipping
9:00 AMCebu Pier 1Poro, CamotesGolden Shipping Fastcraft
10:30 AMDanao PortConsuelo, CamotesRJR pumpboat
12:00 PMDanao PortConsuelo, CamotesJomalia Shipping
1:00 PMDanao PortPoro, CamotesSuper Shuttle Ferry
5:30 PMCebu Pier 1Poro, CamotesGolden Shipping Fastcraft
5:30 PMDanao PortConsuelo, CamotesJomalia Shipping

Boat Schedule from Camotes Island to Cebu:
5:30 AMConsuelo, CamotesDanao PortJomalia Shipping
6:00 AMPoro, CamotesCebu Pier 1Golden Shipping Fastcraft
9:00 AMConsuelo, CamotesDanao PortJomalia Shipping
10:00 AMConsuelo, CamotesDanao PortSuper Shuttle Ferry
11:00 AMPoro, CamotesOuno WharfSto Nino de Cebu pumpboat
12:00 PMPoro, CamotesCebu Pier 1Golden Shipping Fastcraft
2:00 PMConsuelo, CamotesDanao PortJomalia Shipping
4:00 PMConsuelo, CamotesDanao PortJomalia Shipping
5:00 PMPoro, CamotesDanao PortSuper Shuttle Ferry


It was hot sunny day of April  4, 2012 , when I and my friends (Flanka, Kim, Cheza and Cha2x ) decided to spend our holy week in Camotes Island. We decided to meet at UV main campus, Colon St., Cebu City as this would be convenient for us. From Colon, we just rode a jeep (1K) going to WHITEGOLD where there are buses going to port of Danao City. We only spent Php8.00 for the jeep and Php 40.00 for the bus. It took 1 and half hour to reach Danao Port and we were shocked for what we had witnessed. There were many people who were waiting outside the ticketing booth of Jomalia Shipping Lines and Consuelo. Some people had fall in line but others were trying to insert themselves ahead of the line. It was just like a stampede scenes during auditions, concerts or a free show. Wow! that's all we can say when we asked people who fall in line that they were at the Port by 4am and still were not able to have tickets and for us who arrived there by 8am maybe there would be no chance to go to Camotes that time because it was already Thursday and there would be no trip the following day for it's already GOOD FRIDAY. I forgot how my Angels helped me to have tickets for us but by 11am but we just found ourselves boarding at the Ship and  saw most of the people who arrived earlier than us, still don't have tickets. Lucky for us to have a wise guy, haha!

A friendly advise, if you are planning to go to Camotes Island during Holy Week, better to go few days before Holy Thursday and Good Friday for you to conveniently board the ship and will not stay at the port for couple of Hours and better to go there early.

The boat left at around 1:30pm  and it was a very smooth sail and there was no any rough wave but it was almost 3 hours when we reached Poro Port unlike Jomalia which will go directly to San Francisco which only took 2 hours. From Poro Port, we still rode a jeepney going to San Francisco which took for about 20-30 minutes. We stayed for a while at Arquillano's Residence - house of Jam, hmm she is my co-worker who is popular in San Francisco, Camotes, no wonder why we only told the driver once and they knew their address already, even the name of the gymnasium is Arquillano Complex and the current mayor is also Arquillano who is their immediate relative. We were accommodated for a dinner and guided to an Inn, i forgot the name but just a walking distance from the gym.


We stayed in a budget Inn near the gymnasium where we only spent php600.00 good for 5 persons. It was already air-conditioned and has a own bathroom. Free bananas were also served..hehe..Since we were not able to plan our trip well, not knowing that our room were already booked ahead so we transferred to another Budget Inn which was also convenient for us to stay and we spent php900 for that which is also good for 5 persons. It was a big savings for us to stay in this Budget Inn where in fact it was a convenience slept for all of us aside from one moment that I remembered when Kim shouted very loud the moment that I stood up to get some water  while I was covered with white blanket due to very cold room temperature and she thought that it was a white lady (LOL) and when the roomboy asked us who shouted during the dawn, we have said it was Kim who was only dreaming with her idol. haha..

Anyway, for those who want to stay in beachfront hotel and resorts, you can stay at MANGODLONG PARADISE  BEACH RESORT, BANO BEACH RESORT, MY LITTLE ISLAND HOTEL or at SANTIAGO BAY AND RESORT


Since we arrived at Camotes Island at 4:30pm and reached San Francisco by 5pm, there's nothing much that we can do on our first day. We just had our seafood diet at Jam's Residence, had freshen up ourselves at the Inn and had our picture taking at the BAYWALK of SAN FRANCISCO it was the first baywalk in Camotes Island that was constructed in 2009.It is one of the MUST PLACE TO VISIT in the Island.

The next day, we went to MOUNT CALVARY where station of the cross are in visual form, crafted stones are used for this stations, depicting the vents before Jesus Christ was crucified on Calvary. It was really a sacrifice as we need to go uphill to reach the last station.

Then we didn't miss the chance of getting inside the CAVE OF TIMUBO, it was actually located at the entrance of Mount Calvary. There would be an entrance of Php20.00 upon getting inside the cave. This place is perfect for nature lover and adventure seeker.It has a clear, cool and  clean water inside which is perfect for those who wants to swim.

After the swimming inside the cave, we didn't let the moment to pass by without SWIMMING ON THE WHITE SAND BEACH of SANTIAGO. But before that, we have checked Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort where suppossed to have our last night stay but unfortunately it was fully booked and most of the beachfront hotels and resort were fully booked also.

We didnt leave the island without exploring the LAKE OF DANAO. It was an adventure road trip via single motorcycle. Lake Danao Park encourages local and foreign visitors to take Scenic Lake Cruise, a 30-min "sakanaw" ride that travels around the lake for a closer, better view of the surroundings, bringing it to life and taking its grandiose beauty to its highest level.

There were more fun in other municipality of Camotes like in Bukilat Cave of Poro, Buho Resort of Poro, the Heritage House of Pilar and the Busay Falls of Tudela where we planned to explore the next time that we visit the island.



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nice tol.. this is where we plan to visit. thanks for sharing your experiences and information about the place. i think this would be a great place.

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dude, what is the exactly name of the inn where you stayed first?600 overnight air-conditioned?good for 5 persons?