Thursday, November 1, 2012


I PHIL so much FUN in BORACAY....

Search for the best beaches in the world and BORACAY is always included on top of the list. And here is the latest, 
Travel and Leisure Magazine chose BORACAY ISLAND as 2012 WORLD'S BEST ISLAND. Located in Malay, Aklan, Western Visayas, PHILIPPINES - Boracay is just seven kilometers long and less than a kilometer wide at its narrowest point - a postcard-sized tropical paradise.


It was October 19, 2012 when I first explore Boracay Island. I reached Caticlan Airport via Cebu Pacific from Mactan International Airport, Cebu. More or less it cost me Php1,500.00 to book a ticket plus an additional of Php200.00 as terminal fee at the airport. From Manila you can also fly with PAL Express, Cebu Pacific or SEAIR. Arrival would be either in Caticlan Airport directly which is better or via Kalibo Airport which will add 2 hours bus ride going to Caticlan Jetti Port.

From Caticlan Airport, there will be an assistance desk for tourist so you just need to register and pay Php150.00 which includes tricycle, environmental fee and boat fee going to Boracay. There will be an additional Php100.00 for the Terminal Fee at Jetti Port. It takes 10-15 minutes to travel by boat from Caticlan to the Island. Upon reaching the terminal of the Island, you can ride tricycle for only Php25.00 going to Station 1, 2 or 3 and I decided to go to D'MALL which is located at Station 2. Then I start exploring Hotels for me to stay with and luckily I found Bora Sky Hotel near D'MALL and freshen up myself for my first day in my dream island in the Philippines.


The following day my travel buddies from Manila arrived, Jerry and Ate Rose and we decided to stay in Beach Front Hotel for us to conveniently enjoy the scenery of the beach and we found out La Reserve Hotel which offers a unique combination of European first-class standard amenities within native motifs. Having 16 individually detached bungalows in a French inspired interior. We were able to stay in La'Tour, a family suites room which is good for 4 person. It's really nice hotel for relaxation and promotes privacy and guaranteed security, the place where you can find serenity and peach of mind and it is very accessible fronting the beach with easy access to night life, markets, boutiques and Island Activities.


The very first thing that you can do in BORACAY is of course SWIMMING AND SUNSET WATCHING. Who would not be tempted to swim in one of the best beaches in the world? 

Next thing would be WALKING in a white powdery sand from station 1 to 3 and don't forget to visit the GROTTO OF BLESSED VIRGIN MARY in Station 1.  While walking you can also observe sand castles which are beautifully made by natives so be ready always with your camera. 

You can also do SHOPPING in D'MALL so that you can buy some stuff needed for your pictorial.This is what i did during my first day.  The next and following days was then need to be plan so we came up booking some activities from one of the HAWKERS near Astoria plaza in station 1. You can easily find them as they are situated anywhere on the beach and annoying sometimes. They will ask you to book activities throughout the beach path. 

So we then tried ZIPLINE IN FAIRWAYS AND BLUEWATER. It was the first, the longest and the fastest Zipline in Boracay. You can also try Zorbing after the zipline. 

We then tried ATV & BUGGY CAR RENTAL so we register, sign the waiver, listen to the briefing, pay the fees, test drive and here we go!!!!You have the option to stop at Aviary where certain entrance fee will be ask or go directly to Tanawin View Point - it is one of the highest point in Boracay where you can have 360 degree view of the entire Island and the property of Fairways and Bluewater which I luckily got some video. 

For us to relax, we didn't missed to try BEACH MASSAGE. Day 4 is another day we reserved for water activities. PARASAILING? hmm it was only offered Php700 per person the other day but surprisingly it was already Php2,500.00 per person today. So this would be one thing that you need to know that prices would vary from Low Season ( June to September ), High Season ( October to May ) and Super Peak Season ( December 18 - January 11 - Christmas and New Year, February 7-17- Valentines Day and March 22 to April 1 - Holy Week ). It's good to hear that the rate of HELMET DIVING/REEF WALKING and BANANA BOAT RIDING did not increase yet during this day but the following day, they will so we didn't miss the chance of availing those activities. 

One of the MUST THING TO DO in Boracay is have some TATTOO, it could be Henna or Permanent. Tattoo artists are everywhere in the island who are ready to show their tattoo designs portfolio to any prospect. 


There are amazing variety of Restaurants in Boracay where you can choose to eat which is surely serve the best food you pleasure to eat. There are many people from other countries who have fallen in love with the place and they opened restaurants feauturing cuisine from their home countries, many of them specially importing ingredients. From open air seafood barbeques to fine dining, Boracay really has it all.

Don't leave the island without trying the Greek Cuisine of Boracay - CYMA Restaurant which is located in D'MALL. Prepare yourself for the "OPPA" while serving their Flaming Saganaki (Cheese) Appetizer. We also tried Greek Salad,  Chicken Gyros, Roka Pasta and Pork Tenderloin. So far delicious, better try it!

One of the best restaurants I have tried is OLE Spanish Restaurant known for Tapas (Appetizer) and Paella. It is also located in D'MALL where sexy girls are serving the food, so far they were friendly. And wow, they served huge portion huh, super busog!. We've ordered Espaguetis de OLE, Cuban Sandwich, Ensalada de Ole, Pollo Al Ajillo (Garlic Chicken) and Tortilla Paisana. "Take home ang uban kay di na makaya, haha!"

 While doing your shopping in D'MALL you will also notice many people who are waiting outside the store, are they crazy? haha...Ohh I see it's CRAZY CREPES - so far tried mango caramel, so yummy!

One thing you should not miss when visiting Boracay is Jonah's Fruit Shake. I ordered Choco Banana Fruit Shake but all of the sudden, it was gone with the wind! haha...Yup it was very delicious which made me to have another one again so I tried the Mango Banana Fruit Shake and yes both of them were so yummy!

We also tried eating in Astoria Plaza - they are serving lunch and dinner Buffet for only Php450.00, La Reserve for our breakfast, of course it's free but they have limited menu for breakfast so I've been eating corned-beef,egg,rice, banana, coffee and orange juice for couple of days that we stayed in this Hotel, that's the only menu for Filipino. They also have continental or french breakfast, The Sand Bar for our light dinner, Pizza Hut, Starbucks and Coffeeworks (wow CDO's homegrown has already branch in Boracay, so far I've also noticed one in North Edsa)


Of course party people will not miss to experience the NIGHTLIFE in BORACAY. The options are endless depending on how you want to spend the sultry night in this beautiful island.By 6:00pm, restaurants and bars starting to set up their tables for dinner and party. There are numerous bars and restaurants to choose from station 1 to 3. Party all night, So what we got drunk at....

CLUB PARAW - So far nice crowd, they have 2 dance floors. the lower part has sandy surface and the upper area has wooden surface. Nice mixing of MUSIC, from techno, hiphop, jazz, new hitz to house music - party ALL night - good job DJ! We only ordered 1 bottle of baileys and here we go VIP treatment and got a seat for us, thank you waiters. Overall -  BEST PARTY!

GUILLY'S ISLAND- .They have ample setting and dance floor located in station 1. We stayed here for a while but later on got bored and move to CLUB PARAW.

COCOMANGAS  SHOOTER BAR - . We also stayed here a bit of our time but observed some hookers  dancing on the floor as if they owned the place, Lol! we moved again to CLUB PARAW haha! 

PLAZA ASTORIA - - We had our dinner buffet here for free, Thanks to Jaymee of Club Astoria. They have live band and fire dancers. I jammed with the band so far so good.

THE SAND BAR - So far they have the best fire dancers in the island during our visit in this island. We had our light dinner here while enjoying the performance of fire dancers, 2 gays, 2 guys and 2 girls. We had some picture taking with the performers as they will do table hopping for picture taking and giving them tip after.

EPIC BAR -  During day time they are just a restaurant but during the night they transform into a classy discotheque with a very good sound system but dance floor is not as big as Club Paraw, Guilly's Island, Cocomangas and Summer Place. We just came here to chill out, got some drinks, baileys, boracay rhum and sisha - got some apple flavor.

We also checked SUMMER PLACE, JUICE BAR, BOMBOM BAR, and other clubs in station 2 and 3 but my travel buddies don't like the place.